Autumn's Elite Doodles

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  ~Michelle Kuske :  "Love Mav and Huds so much!" 
  ~Chip Buckwell :  "Autumn's Elite are the best doodles ever!"

  ~Chelsea Whitten: " I never thought I would be one of those dog-crazy people, but Scout has changed that!  As cute as she looks, her personality is even better! She is equal parts sweet, smart, and spunky!  We couldn't have dreamed up a better dog for our little family."  

  ~Morgan VerHage:  "With Maisy it was love at first sight!  Not only did she learn how to roll over, stay, sit and leash train within 2 weeks but she has fallen in love with every puppy and person she's met since we brought her home!  She has the kindest temperament, funniest personality, and gives the sweetest cuddles!  We can hardly remember life before Maisy because she has brought us so much joy."  

  ~This is Roo.. She loves to travel, She loves the water, but most of all she loves her family.. Wes and Michal McLawhorn

      ~ Newsome's :  "We love our Harlow!"

 ~Meg:  "He's a happy doodle dog! He's my guy..goes everywhere with me and honestly has been the easiest dog.  He's such a sweetheart!"  

 ~ This is the Ferrucci family.  They have two of Autumn's Elite Goldendoodles... Millie (F1b) and their most recent addition is Marlee (F1bb.)

~ Melanie DeMauro:  "As a first time pet owner, I did a lot of research to find a reputable breeder of F1 Goldendoodles, I was so pleased to find the Nichols family/ Autumn's Elite Doodles.  Tiffany was so easy to work with and helped answer a lot of questions.  We brought Dolly home in March.  She is a beautiful dog with a very sweet personality.  My kids adore her and she is now part of the family." 
       ~ Jon Kalupa:  "I wanted to share with you how amazing Grayson has grown up to be and what he is up to these days.  Grayson in now 85lbs. as he approaches 3 years of age next month.  He is an absolute joy to behold.

Grayson was featured in a local magazine called TALKING POINT as the “PRECIOUS PET OF THE MONTH” for JUNE this summer. Lately, he is rather busy as he is Quality Control director of his own signature line of All Natural, Home Baked, Gluten Free, Non-GMO Ingredient, Dog Treats that are the only truly “FARM TO K-9” dog treats to be found in our region.  They are called GRAYSON’S GOODIES and his

website is....."  
 ~  We are so proud of this sweet boy.  He is the face of Grayson's Goodies and one of our very own Autumn's Elite Doodles! 

  ~ Megan Melcher: "We got Lillie (aka Lilith Fair)about 2 1/2 years ago from you. When we first saw her, she was off playing by herself away from her sisters and brothers.  We thought that meant she was calm, but we were very wrong.  She had (and still has) a ton of energy, but she is so much fun. She is so loving and has such a fun personality.  We say all the time that she acts like a human.  She lives her life chasing tennis balls, and  hanging out with her three cat brothers who she loves so much.  You did such a great job raising her for the first several weeks of her life.  You could clearly tell that you took the time to love on her and teach her how to potty outside.  Everyone that meets her always comment on how adorable she is.  I will continue to provide your name to as many people that will listen!"  

  ~Melanie Finkel:  "We can't thank you enough for this sweet dog!  I don't know if I could say enough great things about our F1b Goldendoodle, Kimber.  She is a little over 3 years old and we couldn't be happier with this awesome dog.  Her temperament is great, amazing with children and loves adventures.  We look forward to adding another doodle from Autumn's Elite Doodles in the future."                                    
  ~Once upon a time there were three little Doodle Doggies with three Beautiful Doodle Mommies that met in the park on a wonderful Autumn morning.   

~Thanks for sharing this awesome reunion picture of our very own...Love It!!!!

 ~Meet  "Baxter" of The Woods Family

F1 Goldendoodle puppy

Our Lady Anna Grace and Sir Tanner's stunning F1b Puppies!
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