Autumn's Elite Doodles

Breed Specifics~History

  Our Sweet "Autumn" is pictured here with her admirer "Colorado."   Her white face shows her age.  We lost her shortly after this picture was taken.  She was an amazing Golden Retriever and our baby for many, many years.  We think of her everyday and would like other families to have the opportunity to experience how fulfilling  pet ownership can be...   

      FOR over 17 years we exclusively raised GOLDEN RETRIEVER puppies of the highest pet quality.  About eight years ago we started seeing and hearing about this wonderful new HYBRID called the "GOLDENDOODLE."  After much research and a lot of careful thought, we decided to look for a spectacular SIRE that would produce the healthiest and most beautiful litters of F1 GOLDENDOODLE puppies.  As it turns out, we found our new LOVE.  There is no breed like the DOODLES that we raise.  They are extremely intelligent, calm, obedient, loyal and loving.  They come with HYBRID VIGOR, which makes them a very healthy and sturdy dog.   This breed also offers a low-non shed coat that is allergy friendly.  They are an all around PERFECT pet! 

      OUR puppies are raised with loving hands.  We are knowledgeable about their needs and how to properly care for them. Our family is blessed to have many acres for our pets to roam.  This gives them space to run and play, which keeps them healthy and fit.

       *WE specialize in raising GOLDEN DOODLES :      F1, F1b, F1bb, multi-generation
The gorgeous English Creme Golden Retriever crossed with the Standard Poodle creates your English Creme Teddy Bear Goldendoodle.  Irresistible!

                            Our Master Tanner (Standard Poodle) pictured below...
He is a fabulous companion... vibrant, loving, intelligent, and truly an extraordinary Standard

      Colorado (The stud that started it all.. now retired Standard Poodle) pictured below...
  This gorgeous fellow was veterinarian owned and a simply awesome example of his breed!!
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