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Iron Station, North Carolina

~We are celebrating well over two decades of raising the most beautiful puppies in the country...

~We are also very proud to say that we have almost a decade of experience specializing exclusively in the Goldendoodle breed.  

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 Easy  Like  Sunday  Morning....

We are super excited about our new "Season" of Goldendoodle puppies!

Isabella's  sweet  litter 
born 07/08

~Isabella's lovely ladies are pictured above at 3 weeks   

~Isabella's handsome boys pictured above at 3 weeks 
Please find more pictures and information on our "Puppies For Adoption" page.

Update* Isabella's puppies have all been reserved.  Please check back for information regarding upcoming litters.


     How are you spending these               Doodle~Dog~Days  of  Summer? 
 Grayson of Grayson's Goodies has found a cool way to spend his summer!

    Updated 08-01-20

~*~Please see our "Puppies For Adoption"
     Page for more pictures and information


For More Information And Pictures Please See Our

 "Puppies For Adoption Page"

Last Updated.. 08-01-20


   *Autumn's Elite would like to recognize an amazing couple that have recently married. 

     Congratulations to...  

             Mr. and Mrs. VerHage of Charleston, SC


   ~Also featured here with her loving paw-rents is

  Maisy VerHage.. F1bb third generation Goldendoodle

~May your years together be blessed with all good things!
 ~"Ollie" Jump is pictured above sharing his big Doodle Smile!

"Maggie"   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
            "Super Doodle" Yes.. you could say that! 

We are so proud of Maggie and thankful for folks like Michael Kanters.
Thank you!

This is "Ellie Mae" Hill pictured above with her sweet family. Ellie Mae is a gorgeous F1 Goldendoodle of English Creme bloodlines.  She was adopted Spring 2018. 

This is the Ritter family.. Congratulations to them and their sweet "Finn" F1b Goldendoodle
Finn officially has the longest name in Doodle history..
Lord Finnegan "Finn" Maximus Ramses Ritter
We "LOVE" it and him!!!
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ritter



      ~To all of the wonderful families that have adopted
         one of  Autumn's Elite Goldendoodle puppies.... 

Thank you for loving and caring for your new Extraordinary four legged family members.....

     May you all be blessed with many, many years of Doodle love and loyalty..... 

              Here are a few of our featured families.... 

     ~*~ Please find more information on our 
                                     "Puppies For                                                                                          Adoption"  page ~*~    

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